Buying Process & Policies

Store Policies:
1. Refunds:
  • Refunds allowed for regular priced clothing within 7 days, with receipt, in original condition and original tags attached.
  • No refunds on equipment, sale, clearance, or holiday items. 
2. Condition:
  • Items submitted for trading or consignment should be in LIKE NEW condition; free of stains, excessive wear and tear, excessive fading, and odor. Any clothing item not in like new condition will not be considered for trade or consignment.
  • All fabric on large equipment should be washed before selling. If cleaning is required, there will be a 10% cleaning fee deducted from the consignor or store credit split on that item.
  • Toys that do not work or have distorted sound, will not be accepted.
  • Clothing should be clean, folded and in totes or boxes to be accepted.
  • We will not accept clothing stuffed in trash bags. The less processing we have to do, the quicker your items go out so you can start making money!
  • Standard clothing drop off days are Mon-Thurs unless otherwise posted. Items dropped off outside of this window must be prearranged.
  • Equipment and gear may be dropped off at any time. 
  • Trades for store credit can be given for working equipment, certain toys, and in season clothing new with tags. Turnaround time to receive the store credit amount for trade is same day to 1-2 days during the standard drop off days, depending on the size of the load. A text message with the store credit amount will be sent and customers can reply to accept and complete the transaction.
  • Turnaround time to sort consignment items is 1-2 days if consignor does not wait in store. A text message will be sent once items are sorted advising the consignor that we’ve chosen the items we’d like to sell for them and the items not accepted are ready to be picked up. 
  • Items not accepted should be picked up within 7 days of the initial text message or call we give once items are sorted. After 7 days, they will be donated.
4. Once Kidtique buys or trades items into inventory, the transaction will not be reversed. If an item is on consignment, a consignor can remove an item from inventory at any time for any reason. If the item was cleaned and/ or washed by Kidtique, the 10% cleaning fee of that item will be deducted from the customer’s consignor or store credit account. Consignor is responsible for removing any items from the store that they want to remove from their consignment account.  Kidtique also has the right to return item/s to consignor at any time for any reason. 

5. Pricing
  • All items are priced according to the store’s set prices. If a consignor brings in a high value item, we will consider the amount the consignor would like to receive back in our pricing process.
  • All consignment items are subject to be discounted based on store discount, sales, and coupons.
6. Consignment Expiration:
  • Expiration of consignor items will be 90 days from the date the items were priced. After 90 days, there will be a 7 day grace period for consignors to pick up expired items. After day 97, if items have not been picked up, they become store inventory. 
  • It is the consignors responsibility to inquire about their item's expiration dates.
  • Consignors picking up expired items will be provided a list of their expiring items and it is their responsibility to gather the items to be returned.  Cashier will remove items from consignors account. 
  • Items not able to be located will be investigated and if not found within 7 days, consignor will be credited their respective percentage for that item.
7. Pay Outs:
  • Consignors percentage split is based on the sale price of each item:
    • $0-$30 = 40% 
    • $30.01-$70 = 45%
    • $70.01-$120 = 50%
    • $120.01-$180 = 55%
    • $180+ = 60%
  • Consignors can call, message or text to find out their balance at any time.
  • Pay outs can be cashed out in cash, check, PayPal, Cash App or 10% more in store credit.
  • All consignors looking to cash out in cash, check, Paypal or Cash App should make an appointment to receive their payout. 
  • Consignor items sold will not be paid out until after the 7 day return window in case of any issues with the products sold. 
  • If customer returns any items that are purchased using cashed out store credit, the refunded store credit will be applied to the customers store credit account and will be not be applied back to their cash consignment account.